Top Round

Top Round specializes in beloved fast food classics such as roast beef sandwiches, fried chicken sandwiches, ice cream custard and curly fries (which are doubled fried in beef fat).

Founded in Los Angeles in 2013, Top Round Roast Beef is chef-driven fast food with a commitment to natural, freshly prepared ingredients at an affordable price. Created by industry veterans Anthony Carron, Noah Ellis, Steven Fretz, and Jamie and Saukok Tiampo, Top Round is nostalgic of what fast food used to be. From the fries and ice cream custard to the slow-roasted beef and fried chicken sandwiches, everything is freshly made in-house. Following five successful years in Los Angeles, Top Round is now spreading the roast beef love, bringing Top Round franchises to Dallas, San Francisco and Louisville, with more locations on the horizon.