POSTed Studio


POSTed is education thru POSTer artProduced by Global Inheritance, the POSTed Studio taps into people’s potential for greatness. Poster designers have helped shape the culture of our world by projecting powerful ideas that endure for generations. All Arroyo Seco attendees are encouraged to think out loud, conceptualize ways to solve world issues, and partner with the very best in the design world to get their messages heard. The studio is open everyday from doors to 7pm. 

The POSTed Studio will select the most innovative concepts each day to send over to the headlining professional artists for a redesign. The redesigned posters will be made available to the pubic for free downloads via the Arroyo and Global Inheritance online platforms after the festival. Prizes will be awarded each day for the most innovative designs.

For more information, reach out to your friends at Global Inheritance.

Headlining POSTed Studio Artists