Microcosmos: Intelligence Moves


About The Laboratory for Embodied Intelligences

The Laboratory for Embodied Intelligence is a collective of artists, scientists and other experts working to create experiences that allow humans to “try on” non-human perspectives, in order to learn from other species. LEI's approach is to collaborate with diverse community partners, incorporating a  a range of mind-body perspectives. Using scientific findings about non-human creatures to (playfully and easily) tune human bodies into newly sensitive perception-machines, LEI aims to gain knowledge unavailable through classic scientific data analysis. LEI’s approach is supported by numerous interdisciplinary experts.

About Fulcrum Arts

Fulcrum Arts empowers artists to invent, inspire, and provoke. Fulcrum Arts' A×S (Art x Science) initiative embodies the integration of intuition and reason and further commemorates, in Pasadena, a textured conversation between the sciences and the humanities that has long been emblematic of the city’s history, and is equally fused with its future.