Arroyo Art Studios


Wander into our euphoric DIY art studio where all the materials are provided for you, on the table, ready for you to create! At Arroyo Seco we are providing supplies for you to make custom hair wraps, essential oil spritzers, and jewelry making with stones directly from Joshua Tree.  Spend 5 minutes or 5 hours with us. Our tent is 100% free and our vibe is 100% fun for everyone. 

The interactive art studios were thought up by @TheCVArtScene's Founder and Director, Sarah Scheideman. Sarah creates safe spaces for communities to come together through creativity and creation. With the belief that everyone is an artist, her spaces are open to anyone to come and create for free, as all materials are provided and the staff is present to simply guide, but not instruct. These interactive craft installations can be found at music and art festivals, boutique hotels, community events and public schools throughout Southern California (emphasis on Palm Springs region). Follow along at