Drink at The Greens

Brought to you by Eat Drink Vegan, our curated beverage area will feature bio dynamic wines, craft cocktails, kombucha, cold brew, and craft sodas

Bio Dynamic Wines by Jill Bernheimer of Domaine LA

Jill Bernheimer left the film industry to open her own online wine shop in 2007 and her brick-and-mortar shop on Melrose Avenue in 2009. Specializing in organic, biodynamic, and natural wines, Jill prides herself in carrying “honest wines made by people, not by corporations”. Domaine LA has been voted on of L.A’s top wine shops by Los Angeles Magazine.

Craft Cocktails by Karen Grill of Beer Belly

After working as a beer-tending craft beer nerd at Beer Belly in Koreatown, Karen Grill went on to work at Sotto, Playa, Bestia, and Sassafras. Karen has been named America’s Top Bartenders of 2014 by Spirit magazine and Los Angeles’ “Most Imaginative Bartender” in 2013 by Bombay Sapphire and GQ magazine. 

We picked our favorite Kombucha, Cold Brew and Craft Soda’s from this year’s Eat Drink Vegan.


Cold Brew

Craft Soda

The Draughtman's Project

A unique and intimate tasting room experience with Brewmasters and team giving you an in-depth look into the portfolio of each Brewery. There will be six Draughtman's Houses on site featuring some of Southern California’s most respected breweries.